Freelance development by dotNet developer

dotnet developer SERVICES

dotNet developer provide freelance development services on Microsoft platforms with .NET, C# and SQL Server.

Either directly for the customer or through a freelance bureau.

We work for customers from our office in Copenhagen or on site with the customer.

Web development - .NET Solutions @dotBuch

.NET solutions

Full stack .NET Development

Freelance full stack dotNet developer ready for jobs. .NET solutions development

Get SEO consult that works @ dotBuch - Keywords research and linkbuilding

SEO services

SEO support and online visibility

Search Engine Optimization and link building for any website. Keyword research and link building.

Umbraco cms solutions with ecommerce seo

Website and ecommerce

.NET websites and webshops ecommerce

16 sounds. An ecommerce and Umbraco cms case.
SEO and fast website ecommerce solutions for you business.

dotBuch - Freelance .net developer

Freelance developer

Need a freelance developer?

Freelance .NET development free for jobs.

  • .NET MVC, SQL Server, Angular


Umbraco web development by

Umbraco development

Specialized in Umbrao 7 and 8 development

Full Stack Umbraco development services from backend to frontend. Packages and macros development.

Customized Umbraco macros and packages for your business by dotBuch

Umbraco plugins and packages

Umbraco macros and packages

Custom macros and packages for your solutions

Get Umbraco support and web development by dotBuch right now

Umbraco support

  • Support for your Umbraco solutions.
  • Get expert remote support within a few hours.
  • Everything Umbraco related
Umbraco Hosting and development wirh Umbraco cms

Web hosting

Stable Umbraco hosting at affordable prices.