.NET Developer working from home in full office setup

Development work from home

.NET Developer working from home in full office setup

Stay home. Development Work from home.


The Corona virus COVID19 policy is driving a new way of working. Fortunately system developers are use to working alone and remote and are less affected than others.

Development work from home

Developers probably tend to be introvert people and better coping with working from home than other people. The change is not that big.

Home setup

A home setup matching the office setup helps developers working.


Internet connection

With a 1000/1000 mbit internet fiber connection dotBuch has server speed rate internet and access to the world.

DotBuch's developer skills. Full Stack .NET Web developer. Umbraco MVC Angular JS


Check out dotBuch's developer skills. Full Stack .NET Devemopment in Copenhagen and remote.

Specialized in microsoft .NET platform development

Umbraco cms ecommerce business case by dotBuch for 16sounds.com


16sounds.com webshop case

16sounds.com e-commerce with PayPal payment for 16sounds.com. A good .NET development case.