Umbraco vs Wordpress - the best cms


What is the best cms platform for your online websites and business solutions?

Best cms. Looking at 2 Content Management Systems
Best cms platform


A look at 2 different cms's

Umbraco vs Wordpress

Major differences between Umbraco and Wordpress are:

  • Umbraco is .NET based with C# language and MS SQL Server database
    • Free and Open Source
    • Developer friendly web development platform using Microsoft MVC
    • Easy backend for the users
    • Few third party components
    • Not a standard template based cms
  • Wordpress is Php based with MySQL database
    • Free and Open Source
    • Lots of third party components free or payed
    • Lots of templates
    • Out of the box at many hosting providers

Ease of access

When it comes to access to the cms Wordpress probably beats them all. 
Umbraco has thiere own Cloud but lots of hosting solutions has automatic Wordpress options for users.
On most hosting solutions you need a developer to set up and build an Umbraco solution. Wordpress is out of the box.


Third party Components

dotBuch is a Umbraco packages developer

Umbraco Packages page for downloading and installing packages to your cms website.

Wordpress is probably the cms with most installations, templates and components there is.

Umbraco is harder for non developers to setup and build. 

User friendlyness and backend editors

Umbarco has a simple and well structured backend that most users find easy. Build for Bootstrap grids and support custom developed backend components.

Wordpress have 


How easy is it to implement "perfect" SEO

Since Umbraco has no build in template system it can be designet like the customer want it.
SEO friendly is up to the developer and users. 

Wordpress is build on themes and plugins and it has lots of them out there making it easier for non developers to find and set up.


Wordpress is one of the most hacked cms platforms.
.NET prevents SQL injection and lots of other hacks by default making .NET based website easy to secure.